Marine engines

We mainly focus in the repair of 4-stroke marine engines from all major manufacturers, such as MaK, MAN B & W, Wärtsilä, SWD, Deutz, MWM, MTU. Our close co-operation with manufacturers of injection systems - e.g. L'Orange GmbH - allows us to carry out repairs at the latest state of the art.

Our comprehensive range of services include: The repair of serial pumps, individual pumps, pump nozzles and their individual components, e.g. pumping elements, connecting pieces, pressure valves, injection valves and their components (nozzle elements and needle elements).

Measuring equipment and quality assurance

High quality can only be achieved with high-grade measuring instruments.

Based on this principle, we are able to carry out a precise error analysis with our regularly audited and certified measuring and testing equipment. We provide you with a detailed report on the results. In order to exclude measurement errors, our measuring instruments are subject to permanent and regular inspection and monitoring. Our repairs are based on our highest quality and safety standards: only the best quality of repair works will be delivered to you.

Test stands

For precise control and the adjustment of injection pumps and injection valves, we use various test stands: